July – September 2015

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“Reflecting on and Saving Invaluable Memories of our 2015 3rd Quarter Activities” 

Dear friends and supporters of Bridges Across Borders South East Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEA CLE),

In this 2015 3rd Quarterly BABSEA CLE Newsletter, we want to reflect, share and save so many positive memories with all of you. We invite you to treat the articles of this quarterly issue as an enjoyable journey of exploration.

This includes introducing many interns who are part of the  BABSEA CLE family, including: Jordan Kronen (Pacific University); Mark Smith & Emma Koster (United World College of South East Asia_UWCSEA); Sitthichai Chumphulai (Chiang Rai Rajabhat University); Wisatorn Arpai, (Chiang Rai Rajabhat University) and BABSEA CLE official members such as Tracey Atkinson (Thai team); Bounthy Xaechao (Laotian team); and Khaing Thwe Sint (Myanmar team). We will never forget the unforgettable memories of the September, 2015, 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum Conference, which took place in the second largest city in Myanmar, Mandalay. Those of you who were not able to attend, can now share, with us, articles such as: “Pro Bono and Ethics Build a Noble Legal Profession”; “Myanmar Pro Bono & Ethics Conference inspiring moments”; “Lessons learned from the 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum”; and “Student’s Pro Bono Experiences at the Pannāsāstra University of Cambodia Faculty of Law and Public Affairs”. This event brought over 230  participants, from more than 20 countries, who benefited from the thoughts and experiences that were expressed in articles that were written by international lawyers, regional students, local lawyers and volunteer translators.

The BABSEA CLE team then participated in the 8th Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE) and 13th International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Conference and Training of Trainers Workshop. which took place on the Anadolu University campus, in Eskişehir, Turkey, from 22 to 28 July, 2015. In addition to assisting as core organizers of the event, during the conference and workshop BABSEA CLE members presented topics that reflected the shared Asian work experience including: The Intersection of Pro Bono and Justice Education – The Asia Experience; Unlocking the University Gates; Regional Asian CLE Development; Measuring and Reporting the Impacts of CLE Programmes that Strengthen Access-to-Justice; and The Strengths and Challenges of Laotian CLE Development (please see the article, entitled “8thWorldwide Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE) conference and Asian sharing experience”).

We continue with our memory sharing , as Queensland University of Technology (QUT) students work with local Myanmar students, in the “Bringing Clinical Legal Education to Myanmar” project (please see the article, entitled “QUT/BABSEACLE Myanmar Externship – A First that will Last Forever”).

Turning to Thailand you can access many Phayao University workshops through the articles, entitled“Workshop Weekend in Phayao Prepares Students for the Court Room”, “The Phayao University Myanmar Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Curriculum and Design Workshop” and “Curriculum Design Workshop at Ubon Ratchatani”.

Other visited countries include Laos (please see the article, entitled “Re-signing Laos Memorandum of Understanding”) and Indonesia (please see the article, entitled “Using CLE Methods to Support Legal Aid in Indonesia”.)

We hope that all of these articles will be helpful and exciting, and we sincerely thank all our supporters, volunteers, interns, staff and friends, for everything, because we can’t do it without their help… and yours. So right now, let us sit back, read, reflect, relax (maybe even drink tea)  and enjoy the journey, together!!!

Lan Anh Nguyen, BABSEA CLE Newsletter Coordinator, on behalf of the BABSEA CLE Team




4th Asia Pro Bono Conference

& Legal Ethics Forum Conference


Building a Noble Legal Profession at the 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum


As the months ticked down, the BABSEA CLE staff and volunteers were hard at work preparing for the highly-anticipated 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum. The event took place in Mandalay, Myanmar from the 3rd to the 6th of September, 2015. The conference and forum hosted 230 delegates from 19 countries from across the legal community including lawyers, legal educators, students, judges, government officials, and civil society professionals. The theme of the conference and forum was “Pro bono and ethics build a noble legal profession.” It was an inspiring exhibition of a strong commitment to pro bono, legal ethics and justice education in the region and internationally.

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From International and Local Lawyers!


IMG_0091-XL IMG_0068
Myanmar Pro Bono & Ethics Conference Inspiring MomentsI was fortunate to take part in the 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum, in Mandalay, Myanmar. The conference theme was “Building a Noble Legal Profession”. A global consortium, comprising local and international lawyers, law firms, government and non-government personnel, intergovernmental agencies, university academics, law students, and the companies and individuals from the for-profit sector, helped put on this terrific event. Read more! Lessons learned from the 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum  I attended the 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum, September 3rd – 6th 2015, in Mandalay, Myanmar, and it was a great opportunity, for Myanmar lawyers, because the country is in a period of positive, as it continues to strengthen its Democratic Rule of Law principles and systems. Many different lawyers, from Europe, Asia, America, and Australia also attended the conference, and all sessions were very lively, inspiring, and led by inspiring lawyers, who are current leaders of the pro bono spirit, access to justice, and the rule of law. Read more!


From the Volunteer translators!

IMG_20150905_085955 image_1
Pro Bono InspirationMy name is Yin Mon KyawOo, also known as Jess, from Myanmar, and I am 21 years old.One day, a person, who is works for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), asked me to be a volunteer interpreter for the “4th Asia Pro Bono Conference and Legal Ethics Forum”. Although I had a general idea that Pro Bono is some kind of Legal Aid service, and that the conference was about “Legal Ethics”, I am the kind of person who is always looking for opportunities to experience and explore new things and this event clearly provided me these opportunities. Read more! Together forward with pro bono steps When I first saw a message from my senior interpreter, about the conference, I was very pleased that I would have the opportunity to be a volunteer interpreter. Although, I had never heard about the Pro Bono Conference, I immediately accepted the invitation. Interpreting can be quite challenging, and opportunities like the Pro Bono conference are extremely rare, for young starters like us. Even though I am not a professional interpreter, just yet, I still did my best, and tried to be as professional as I could. Read more!



From the Law Student!

Student’s Pro Bono Experiences at the Pannāsāstra University of Cambodia Faculty of Law and Public Affairs4

The 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference and Legal Ethics Forum in Mandalay, Myanmar

Again, it was my honor to participate, share my pro bono work experiences, and learn new information from the more than 19 (regional and international) countries that

were present at the conference. We not only shared the achievements and challenges of pro bono work, but also the differing views on legal ethics. In each session, all participants were very active, took part in the discussion, and shared and commented on the solutions of how to make pro bono work more effective, and how to archive its challenges and accomplishments.

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8th Worldwide Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE) & 13th International Journal on Clinical Legal Education (IJCLE) Conference and Asian Sharing ExperiencesOn the 22th – 28th of July, the Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEA CLE) team joined various United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and USAID sponsored Myanmar university lecturers to participate in the 8th Worldwide GAJE & 13th IJCLE Conference, which took place on the Anadolu University campus in Eskisehir, Turkey. The amazing event was bifurcated into a general conference consisting of plenaries and concurrent sessions (22th – 25th of July) and a training-of-trainers (TOT) workshop (27th – 28th of July). The conference was a fantastic opportunity for the 350 participants from different countries and legal professions to share and learn from each other. Read more! Re-signing Laos Memorandum of Understanding On the 21st of August 2015, the third Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed, between the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP) and Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEA CLE), at the FLP Clinical Legal Education (CLE) office, of the National University of Laos, Donnokhoum Campus, and it will run from 2016-2019.Read more!


3 4
The Phayao University Myanmar Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Curriculum and Design Workshop As part of our study placement, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we had the opportunity to attend the Phayao University CLE Curriculum and Design Workshop, where we met: law teachers and students, from Phayao University; Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEA CLE) interns, from the Prince of Songkla University (PSU); and Bruce Lasky. We also saw how other Universities implement CLE, and we discussed our experiences with the law teachers of Phayao University.Read more! Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Curriculum Design Workshop at Ubon Ratchatani, ThailandThe CLE Curriculum Design Workshop that was held, 29 – 30 June 2015, at the Laithong Hotel, Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand was a first for us. We were very excited to get the chance to meet international law teachers from Thailand, Myanmar, America, Austria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.Read more!


4 1
Workshop Weekend in Phayao Prepares Students for the CourtroomOn the weekend of September 25th, the BABSEA CLE Chiang Mai team, accompanied by international trainers Bebs Chorak and Tim Dickey, visited the University of Phayao, to put on a workshop that was aimed at setting up a mock trial.Read more! Using CLE Methods to Support Legal Aid in IndonesiaAfter eight months of working with BABSEA CLE, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I have gained a deep understanding and appreciation for Clinical Legal Education (CLE) values, skills and methods, and have applied this knowledge, in support of our Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand programs. This October 2015, I will bring my CLE experience to a new country, Indonesia, in order to help to strengthen their legal aid programs through a BABSEA CLE secondment. .Read more!


QUT/BABSEACLE Myanmar Externship – A First that will Last ForeverDSC_0388

There were a number of firsts on the recent QUT/BABSEACLE Myanmar Externship conducted in July 2015. It was the first time foreign students had been granted visas toenter Myanmar  with the intention of teaching CLE English at local universities. It was the first time the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) collaborated with BABSEA CLE, the United Nations Development Programme, DLA Piper/New Perimeter and Herbert Smith Freehills on the “Bringing Clinical Legal Education to Myanmar”project. It was the first time a number of Magway and Monywa university students and local people had met foreigners. And finally, it was first time we had ever faced the prospect of not having a hot shower each night! Read more!

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7th Trio For Justice Registration Now OpensTrio7thRaising awareness for access to justice becomes a walk in the park at BABSEA CLE and BABSEA CLE Foundation’s 7th Trio For Justice on Saturday, 23 January, 2016.

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BABSEA CLE is pleased to introduce its newest members at the BABSEA CLE team.

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