Laos Team

Pavina Thephithuck (Pa)

Laos Country Manager

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile/WhatsApp:  +856 (20) 9695 6391

Mobile/WhatsApp/LINE: +856 (20) 5929 3615

Skype: Pavina.thephithuck

Pavina Thephithuck is a Laos Country Manager at BABSEACLE a not-for-profit organizations. Supporting BABSEACLE project nationwide development of Clinical Legal Education, Pro Bono, Legal Ethinc and Legal Aid throughout Laos.

Partnering with Faculty of Law and Political Science, National University of Laos, Faculty of Law and Adminstration, Champasak University in developing Law Professing on knowledge, skill and value. She started her Pro Bono career first time in 2010 by joining the CLE program as a student’s volunteer doing awareness raising in lower and upper secondary and Vientiane Training and Vocational treatment center in Vientiane Capital.

She also travel to different part of the country to educate villagers on awareness raising on numerous topic related to the need in more than 71 villages in Attapue, Sayyabouly and Phongsaly Province while she was a Clinic Student.

She than join BABSEACLE team in July 2013 as a legal fellow to  persent to further passion to help fostering access to justice and create the culture of a Pro Bono heart & Mind to all Law profession and other to take another step forward toward in becoming the Rule of Law in Laos.

Lar Matthavong(Lar)
Lawyer/Champasak Programme Coordinator
Base in Champasak Province,
Started working January 2019
[email protected]

Tel: +85620 23 644 446

Lar Matthavong is one of the four Lawyer in Champasak Province, He’s the member of the Lao Bar Association since 2007.

Lar started working with BABSEACLE in January 2019, to continue his passion working as a Lawyer as well as supporting Clinical Legal Education in the south of Law as a Programme Coordinator.

Vilasone Xapanya (Ju)

Programme  Coordinator


Mobile/WhatsApp/LINE/Skype: +856 (20) 5514 6610

Vilasone is base in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR Started working since From… District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR [email protected] Tel: +85620 55146610 Vilasone Xaypanya is a legal Trainer/ CLE Program Coordinator at BABSEACLE a non-profit organizations. Before working with BABSEACLE, Vilasone was one of an active volunteer for Clinical Legal Education (CLE) in the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, National University of Laos since 2016. By being a volunteer as a legal consultant has driven him to have a strong interest in Pro-bono work and he decide to dedicate his spare time to teach law in the community as a part of CLE. Apart from the training of trainer experience that he has. Vilasone also has a chance to attend the workshop on Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Human Trafficking for several time. So this is inspired him a lot to use all of his knowledge and skills to apply to help others people. Since August 2019, he becomes one part of BABSEACLE Laos Team and works closely as a program coordinator with six legal institutions in Laos to support the access to justice program as well as strengthening the six goals of CLE which, needs the learners to achieve three aims as following knowledge, skills and value. In addition, not less than the others his attempted is to move this country forward with justice and equality. So with this standing point he is strongly believe he could make this happen.