As a busy non-government organisation BABSEACLE is always looking for support from suitably qualified people who are looking to volunteer in Asia.

We are constantly seeking supporters with experience in a variety of fields who are willing to both contribute to the organisation and work to help continually improve the skills of our staff.

We especially value those with experience in Asia or in a cross-border setting. In lieu of such experience we are more than happy to accept those with enthusiasm for working in a vibrant, culturally diverse workplace.

We are currently looking for people who have skills in the following fields:

Business Administration

·         Accounting;

·         Bookkeeping;

·         Reporting;

Publicity and Marketing

·         Media strategy;

·         Public relations;

·         Communications strategy;

Information Technology

·         Web design;

·         Digital marketing;

·         New media;

Event Support

·         Fundraising;

·         Events coordination;

·         Events management;

We accept applications all year around. Please download the BABSEACLE Volunteer-Application-Form and submit it along with your CV, a Cover Letter, and a scanned color copy of your passport to [email protected]