Construction of CLE office at FLP-NUL, BABSEA CLE partner

Construction of the CLE office, funded by BABSEACLE at FLP-NUL, a BABSEACLE partner

BABSEACLE is always looking to establish further partnerships with orgnisations both inside and outside the region to further the cause of clinical legal education within Asia. In the past BABSEACLE has partnered with many different universities, university legal clinics, community legal clinics, NGOs, philanthropic organisations, government authorities and development agencies.

Examples of past collaboration includes providing financial and technical assistance for the establishment of clinics at Chiang Mai University and at the Faculty of Law and Politics at the National University of Laos; placing interns with NGOs throughout the region with a mission that complements BABSEACLE’s objectives; hosting “virtual internship” academic programs where students support BABSEACLE from their home country as has been done with Australian National University and Queensland University of Technology; formally linking participation in the Externship Clinic with academic institutions as has occurred with the University of Economics and Law (Vietnam), Universiti Malaya (Malaysia) and the University of Phayao (Thailand); and formal collaboration on gap-year volunteer programs for students, as occurs with United World College South East Asia (Singapore).

BABSEA CLE staff working with CLE students at the University of Phayao, a BABSEA CLE partner organisation

BABSEACLE staff working with CLE students at the University of Phayao, a BABSEACLE partner organisation

If you are the representative of an organisation that would like to partner in support of BABSEACLE’s mission and goals, then please get in contact at [email protected]