A Non-Profit Access to Justice Initiative

We are committed to creating globally greater access to justice through pro bono, rule of law and justice education initiatives.

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10TH Asia Pro Bobo Virtual Conference & Access to Justice Exchange

Asia Pro Bono Virtual Conference and Access to Justice Exchange will be held on in a 100% virtual manner from 23 – 26 September 2021.




The Virtual Asia Regional CLE Mock Pre-Trial Hearing Workshop

is a practical learning experience in which participants simulate a case involving a Pre-Trial hearing to exclude evidence in an upcoming trial that is not focused on the law of a particular country.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice legal, analytical, and advocacy skills in a simulated courtroom, while also experiencing courtroom procedure first-hand process and gaining an appreciation, fair trial, rule of law, and legal ethics’ importance in the practice of law. The focus of the Virtual Asia Regional CLE Mock Pre-Trial Event is the development of these outcomes.

The CLE Mock Pre-Trial Hearing is a collaborative learning exercise with subject matter that focuses
on relevant legal issues and social justice outcomes, not a competition with winners and losers. It is an
abbreviated form of the Standard/Traditional Mock Pre-Trial in which participants will have the
opportunity to experience key aspects of the courtroom trial experience without all the formalities of
a traditional mock pre-trial hearing.


Summer School/Academy on Refugee Protection in South and Southeast Asia

This year, 2021, marks the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the 1951 Refugee Convention. The Refugee Convention continues to be the primary international legal document assisting persons fleeing persecution in their home country. In spite of this international legal anchorage, international refugee law continues to be predominantly embedded within domestic legal orders – and in no place is this more apparent than in South and Southeast Asia. Home to one of the largest populations of refugees, very few states across the region have prepared to become parties to the Refugee Convention or its Protocol. Instead, they have opted to provide protection through a wide range of national laws, policies, judicial decisions, ad hoc measures, and localized practices in order to honor and secure the rights of refugees in their respective territories.






Over 1,100 Legal Trainings

Since 2003, BABSEACLE has a proven record of inspiring training workshops with law teachers, lawyers, legal service providers, students and community members through Asia and globally.

100% Collaborative

BABSEACLE seeks to develop and strengthen positive partnerships and networks locally, regionally and internationally. We endeavor to link access to justice programs to civil society organizations, law firms, corporations, governmental policy makers, municipalities, and justice sector institutions. We welcome partnerships to support these access to justice champions.

We Support Justice Education Initiatives

Providing technical, administrative and organizational support and helping establish and strengthen university-based and community-based Clinical Legal Education (CLE) and Justice Education programs.

We Collaborate on Pro Bono Initiatives

Offering opportunities for pro bono departments of law firms and corporations to train and assist in the development of the professional, ethical and legal skills of lawyers and professors of law.

We Produce Interactive Legal Curricula

Develops and assists in the development of interactive legal curricula and manuals for university law faculties, community-based legal advisors, paralegals, non-governmental and governmental organizations.

We Train Trainers to Train

Conducts grassroots “training of trainers” workshops, using interactive, learner-focused methodology.

We Host an International Externship Clinic

Coordinates and hosts an International Legal Studies Externship Clinic and promotes course credit for eligible participating students.

We Collaborate and Connect Partners

Works to connect new university clinics, justice and pro bono initiatives with established university clinics, justice, and pro bono initiatives, as well as teaming clinics with pro bono departments of law firms and corporations.

Who Are We?

We are BABSEACLE, a 501-C-3 U.S. not-for-profit, access to justice/legal education organization which collaborates globally in the development of justice education and access to justice initiatives while simultaneously fostering generations of pro bono minded champions. BABSEACLE has been working collaboratively with universities, law students, law faculties, lawyers, members of the legal community, justice-related organizational partners, government and the private sector since 2003 to develop justice education and pro bono related programs throughout Asia and globally. These programs assist in providing access to justice services while simultaneously helping to build the next generation of social justice, pro bono minded champions. These programs and clinics assist communities, provide legal aid services and simultaneously help to build the next generation of social justice, pro-bono minded champions.

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