Various Options Here

There are a number of ways to donate money or make a payment to BABSEACLE. Different options can be easier for certain persons.

Please add to the comments section if you would like your donation to be a general donation or to support CLE Champions to attend the Asia Regional CLE Conference.

PayPal & Credit Card via PayPal

Wire Money to BABSEACLE's Bank Account

To wire money to our bank account in either America, Thailand, Myanmar, or Laos

Please email our accounting team at [email protected] to confirm bank information and wiring details

(Online Secured Transactions and Tax Deductible Contributions for US Tax Payers)

Thank You Again!

No matter how you decide to make a donation to us, please know we are incredibly thankful to each and everyone one of you.
Thanks again to all of you for what you do and for being there for the people who mean so much to us.