The following is the proposed itinerary for the 8 week clinic.

May 2014 through Augyst 2014

December 2014  through January 2015


Tentative Activity

Week 1 26 – 30 May 2014 Week 2 2 – 6 June 2014   






Week 1 1-7 December 2014 Week 2 8 – 14 December 2014 






Weeks  1-2:  Introduction  &  Training  workshop  in  Chiang  Mai, Thailand These 2 weeks will focus strongly on the educational component of the clinic, including clinical legal education and social justice readings. During this time externs will learn lesson plan development writing, legal manual formatting, legal office and administrative skills as well as the use of the Virtual Legal Office Internet tools. This section of the clinic will occur in Chiang Mai, with all of the interns present and supervised by BABSEA CLE Director Professor Bruce A. Lasky, (J.D, LL.M.) There will be a compulsory team building activity at the end of week 1 with everyone joining in on a morning hike/trek (semi-strenuous) to Wat Doi Suthep. 

Desired Outcome:

An understanding of the legal and social justice challenges of the region.  In addition, how to work in a cross-cultural office setting and execute projects that span across different countries.

Week 3 9 – 15 June 2014      


Week 3 15 – 21 December  2014 


Week 3:  Interns choosing Options V, C, L and possibly I travel directly to our regional partners. Commencing on the Saturday immediately after the training workshop interns going to another country must travel directly to their new “workplace” and contact their supervisors immediately upon arrival.  They will have approximately 2-4 days to get there, depending on distance.**NB Externs MUST travel on local transport, bus or train when traveling to and from BABSEA CLE office placements to other countries or cities (unless otherwise indicated) – NO FLIGHTS Desired Outcome:Appreciate the challenges that come from traveling and crossing the borders that surround Thailand.  How to effectively communicate and work independently in unfamiliar and challenging surroundings.
Week 4 16 – 22 June 2014 Week 5 23 – 29 June 2014 


Week 6

30 June – 6 July 2014


Week 7

7 -13 July 2014


Week 8

14 – 20 July 2014


Week 9

21 – 27 July 2014


Week 10

28 July – 3 August 2014


Week 4 22 – 28 December 2014Week 5 29 December 2014 – 4 January 2015 

Week 6

5 – 11 January 2015


Week 7

12 – 18 January 2015

Weeks 4 -7: Groups continue working, teaching and conducting other activities These weeks will be spent working as split groups working throughout the Southeast Asia region. These weeks will be devoted to curriculum development, continued legal research, and teaching and training in legal areas with university or civil society partners. This may include research topic presentations and seminars at universities or partners, working directly with partner organizations, project site visits and other activities. All externs will share legal and externship materials by working together using internet resources in a Virtual Legal Office.Desired Outcome:Learn how to communicate legal ideas and principles to a varied audience in a variety of social forums.  By working with the staff from their prospective sites, their international peers and BABSEA CLE partners from different regions, externs will appreciate the legal differences and approaches to social justice from around the world.
Week 11 4 – 8 August 2014      






Week 8 19 – 23 January 2015 






Last Week : Groups return to Chiang Mai and present on their projects to a formal panel of peer  and clinic endThis week will be dedicated to the completion of intern assignments and the wrapping up of projects.  All Externs participating outside of Chiang Mai will travel overland directly to Chiang Mai, Thailand.**NB Externs MUST travel on local transport, bus or train when traveling to and from BABSEA CLE office placements to other countries or cities (unless otherwise indicated) – NO FLIGHTSThis will include group farewells, human rights activities week and award ceremonies. Assignment of your communities fundraising efforts with a donation to a BABSEA CLE project. Completion of projects that were worked on throughout the externship. As well as evaluating the progress of the respective project/s and learning how to implement lasting changes through the assignments. 

Desired Outcome:

Completion of the research article and reflective papers as well as presenting on the process, the challenges and outputs of the projects that were assigned during the Externship Clinic.

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