Externship Clinic Information

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The BABSEACLE Legal Studies Externship Clinic offers an opportunity to make a real contribution to helping people achieve access to justice in Asia while being involved in a remarkable experience of living and working in the region. This is an experience that is impossible to gain as a simple tourist.

Since 2004 the BABSEACLE Legal Studies Externship Clinic has worked with more than 1000 students coming from more than 20 countries worldwide. Supervision and placement has occurred in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam, with additional online virtual internship programs conducted between BABSEACLE and universities in Australia.

The clinic emphasizes on a number of key areas related to both helping others to achieve access to justice and personal social justice development.  As a BABSEACLE extern you will contribute in many ways including:

  • Supporting the development of access to justice and pro bono convenings and initiatives that BABSEACLE are currently working on and supporting across the Asia region
  • Access to justice round-table support
  • Access to justice organisational network building
  • Self development through reflection
  • Supporting legal research related to access to counsel and legal service providers for vulnerable and marginalized persons and communities. Example thematic areas include; women’s rights,indigenous rights, pro bono and the death penalty, environmental justice and many more

During the eight week experience, externs will be given the opportunity to work and interact with the BABSEACLE international community legal education team as well as local lawyers, legal educators and community organizations in Thailand.

Externship Supervisors:

The primary coordination of the overall Legal Studies International Externship Clinic will be supervised Bruce A. Lasky, BABSEACLE’s co-director and co-founder, and Wendy Morrish, BABSEACLE co-founder and co-director.

What does the International Externship Involve?*:

The International Externship Clinic was designed to address many access to justice issues related to legal education and pro bono initiatives.  Through their collaborative externship contribution, externs gain an in-depth knowledge about BABSEACLE and our partners, the areas we work in, our projects and issues (both legal and non-legal related). The interns are directly involved with our projects and issues helping them understand the legal work they are doing and the reasons and need for doing it. For many externs this participation directly leads to a transformative experience for them on the way they view on what is law and the way law and society intersect.

*Please note that externs will not be working directly on active, individual legal cases

Community/Clinical Legal Education (CLE):

BABSEACLE recognizes that educating individuals about their rights empowers them to take full advantage of the legal system where they live. Often, problems arise from a lack of awareness regarding what people are entitled to under the law. Throughout the region, marginalized groups and individuals yearn for justice, yet they often find themselves without the power or ability to find it. BABSEACLE also recognizes that it is imperative to help develop and train the current and next generation of legal advocates within the Asia region to support access to justice programs and pro-bono initiatives for the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized

Direct Community Service:

To encourage the volunteer ethic and the effectiveness of service learning as well as keeping the interns focused on access to justice issues, each intern will need to maintain a volunteer log and will be responsible for completing 20 hours of additional volunteer work with BABSEACLE projects and with BABSEACLE partners during their time in Chiang Mai.

Legal Interns will be expected to:

  • Work a minimum of 40 hours per week for the entirety of the Legal Externship Clinic (please note that it is very common to work weekends and after hours in the clinic alongside ourselves and our partners)
  • Complete a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer community service with our projects and partners organizations
  • Participate in all planned BABSEACLE legal studies externship activities
  • Travel on local transport, bus or train when traveling to and from BABSEACLE office to other cities (unless otherwise indicated) – NO FLIGHTS. Many grassroots and local people must travel this way in the region. It is also an opportunity for the interns to see first-hand the diversity and differences throughout the region. Alternatives to this restriction can be considered on a case by case basis. This additional cost may need to be met by the intern. 

 For more information, please read the following pages: