2nd Asia Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Summer School 2016

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Bridges Across Borders Southeast Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEACLE), along with the Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE), and the Southeast Asia Clinical Legal Education Association (SEACLEA), are excited to announce that we will be hosting another Regional CLE Summer School on the 9th-18th of June, 2016. The Asia CLE Summer School will take place at the Chiang Mai Hill Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Participants and trainers from Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Australia.

Space to participant in the event will be limited. Due to this, there will an evaluative selection process which will focus on accepting leading law teacher representatives, along with lawyers, civil society representatives, and other access to justice sector persons, who have demonstrated their commitment to being engaged in assisting with the development and strengthening of CLE programs within their home countries and across borders. This collaborative training is expected to involve approximately 60 participants including 50 trainees and 10 international/ regional CLE experts.

The Asia CLE Summer School aims to reach participants from across the Asia region including many of the organizers’ current partners. They will all come to share, learn, and to experience from each other. People attending the Asia CLE Summer School need to show their strong commitment and ability to be leaders for CLE programs both within their home institutions/countries as well as the regional and global CLE movement.

The 10 day Asia CLE Summer School in Thailand will focus on programme and curriculum design for many different types of CLE programmes including in-house clinics, community teachings, externships and simulations. These programmes will integrate legal ethics elements within the CLE curriculum which will cultivate improved efficacy and a deepened understanding of moral principles as they relate to the law. The Summer School will also include a significant focus and means and methods of monitoring and evaluating CLE initiatives and demonstrating impact.


Participants from Cambodia, Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar, and trainers from Thailand and the USA.

A wide spectrum of topics will be covered throughout the Summer School. The gathering will provide a venue to discuss and develop CLE strategic plans, monitoring and evaluating instruments, administrative structures, clinic policies and procedures, proposal writing, supervision and mentoring, and curriculum design and materials development. The sessions will be delivered by regional and international CLE experts, pro bono lawyers and researchers. All sessions will use interactive, participatory, and learner-based CLE infused teaching methodologies.

The organisers believe it is essential to bring representatives from throughout Asia and other international jurisdictions as a means to strategically share and learn how CLE works in a sustainable and impactful manner. This includes the sharing of experiences and learning from each other. By interacting with experienced clinicians from established and newly established CLE programs, and pro bono lawyers, regional lecturers will learn to understand how to develop and implement accredited CLE courses at the university level. The organisers want to facilitate this exchange as a means to ‘bridge borders’ throughout Asia and internationally. These relationships will join the current CLE and pro bono movement that is currently resulting in an abundance of information sharing and partnership building between those in the Asia region and globally.


Participants from Myanmar and trainer from Laos


Trainer from Ireland and participants from Myanmar








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Please send us the completed application to [email protected] by Sunday 1st May 2016
2016 Asia CLE Summer School Application

Application for partial fee waiver
The Organizers will consider providing a partial conference fee waiver to attendees who have both a demonstrated financial need and a history of being involved in CLE programs directed towards helping the poor and marginalized.
2016 Asia CLE Summer School Waiver Application


Further information
If you would like any further information, please contact Nattakan Chomputhong (Ann); or Suphamat Phonphra (Bee) at [email protected] or [email protected]