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01. Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, BABSEACLE helps to facilitate and support number of awareness raising events and convenings. These events are an important part of developing community support for the work of BABSEACLE and its partners do throughout Asia and globally.

Justice Workshops

03. Training of Trainers

Throughout the year, BABSEACLE facilitates workshops and trainings focusing on building the capacity of current and future law teachers, justice educators, community teachers on learner centred, interactive pedagogy and methodology.

Awareness Raising Events

02. Mass Participation Events

BABSEACLE organisers two (2) mass participant events, the Asia Justice Marathon and The Global Pro Bono Move (Virtual Walk, Jog, Run) as a way to connect, expose and unify the non-legal and access to justice sectors with the legal service providers and justice sectors.

Pro Bono Events

04. Pro Bono Conferences and Roundtables

BABSEACLE works collaboratively with a number of partners to further strengthen the Asia Pro Bono Movement through the Annual Asia Pro Bono Conference and the various pro bono roundtable events.