Asia Access to Justice Week (15-21 Jan 2018)

The Asia Access to Justice Week is a BABSEACLE initiative held annually in Chiang Mai Thailand. Every January, people gather and participate in a week of activities focusing on the strengthening and supporting greater access to justice for the vulnerable, marginalized and poorer members in our communities. These activities include thematic A2J sessions, A2J roundtables, mock sentencing hearings, the Justice Health & Fitness Fair, the Asia justice marathon, a live theater production, a cultural dinner, and a movie night under the stars.

A2J Thematic Session (at Amora Thapae Hotel)


15 - 16 January 2018
This 2-day Access to Justice Thematic Sessions will focus on a variety of common A2J issues and challenges throughout Asia and will be conducted through both plenary and parallel breakout sessions.


A2J Chiang Mai Organizations Field Trips

17 January 2018
Engage in a number of A2J related Field Trips where they will visit, first-hand, a number of organizations and institutions involved on the “front lines” in ensuring the growth of A2J in the Chiang Mai area.

A2J Training of Trainers (at Amora Thapae Hotel)


18 January 2018
A Training of Trainers workshop organized for a select number of pro bono legal service providers, many of whom often partner with BABSEACLE throughout the region to deliver justice education related trainings.


A2J Roundtable Meetings (at Amora Thapae Hotel)


18 January 2018
A number of strategic planning roundtable events will be organized for a select number of advocates, pro bono legal service providers, many of whom often partner with BABSEACLE throughout the region.


Mock Criminal Sentencing Hearings (at Amora Thapae Hotel)


19 January 2018
The above multi-faceted workshops will be followed by a day-long event, focusing on a comparative analysis of Over and Under Access to Justice Criminalization Issues in Asia. 


A2J Silent Auction

15-19 January 2018
The way a silent auction works is people bring small souvenirs from their country to the conference and donate them to the auction.

Justice, Health & Fitness Fair (at Huey Tung Tao Park)



20 January 2018
The Justice, Health & Fitness Fair, held simultaneously at the same venue as the Asia Justice Marathon (Huey Tung Tao Park, Chiang Mai), is an awareness-raising event that gives groups working for access to justice, health and fitness.



Asia Justice Marathon (at Huey Tung Tao Park)


20 January 2018
Asia Justice Marathon will include a Full Marathon (42K), Half Marathon (21K), 10K & 5K run/walk, as well as an additional 3K fun run/walk/wheeling for families and children.


A2J Celebration Dinner (at The Flying Pig Restaurant, Nimmana Haeminda Road)


20 January 2018
In the evening, the Access to Justice Celebration Dinner will round off this incredibly successful and exciting day. In addition to the plentiful and delicious Northern Thailand cuisine being served, the dinner features motivational guest speakers who are on the front lines in helping to assure greater A2J for many.


A2J Movie Night

21 January 2018
An open aired Access to Justice Themed Movie Night Under the Stars on the night of the 21st of January, 2018, complete with popcorn, soft drinks and a general debriefing discussion following the film.


Find out more about the Asia A2J Week by emailing BABSEACLE : [email protected]

Author: Wendy

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