July 2013

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Dear BABSEA CLE Friends and Supporters,

As we have entered into July we see that the second quarter of 2013 has lived up to the bright start we showcased in the last newsletter. Our team, interns, volunteers and partners have been hard at work on so many different projects and events, all focusing on improving legal education and access to justice in the region and internationally. This newsletter showcases just a few of these many activities.

Some highlights of the newsletter are the article on Myanmar joining the CLE network; the many reflections on incoming and outgoing exchanges, such as My Visiting Placement to the University of New Castle Legal Centre and Irish Rule of Law International BABSEA CLE Trip; and the stories from our team members  and volunteers, such as the article on the BABSEA CLE Library and the description of the Asia Youth Forum in Kyrgyzstan. We believe that all the articles are worth a read as they help to paint a picture of the ever growing BABSEA CLE family.

We’d like to send a huge thank you to all our team members, volunteers, interns, partners, supporters and friends who have helped us to achieve so much. It is clear from these articles how important and meaningful your work and support is. 

We hope you enjoy this newsletter and we welcome your feedback on the newsletter and our work.


2nd SEA & ASIA PBC Banner no words
Myanmar Joins the Global CLE Movement

What began as an idea in January, 2013 has now become a reality. Read more

Coming Soon: The 2nd Asia/SEA Pro Bono Conference

Learn more about how you can get involved or read about last year’s event!

My Visiting Placement in the University of Newcastle Legal Center, Australia

The UNLC is renowned for innovative legal education in Australia, through an intensive clinical placement program. Read more

Irish Rule of Law International   BABSEA CLE Trip

This April three Irish lawyers joined BABSEA CLE in delivering three one-day workshops to lecturers and law students in universities in Vietnam. Read more

Such an Experience! Two Weeks at Asia Youth Forum in Kyrgyzstan
This year I was lucky to be able to attend the 2013 IDEA Asia Youth Forum in Kyrgyzstan. Read more
Development of Live-Client Clinics in Vietnam
In my opinion, now it is time for Vietnam to think about a model of live-client clinicsRead more
Language Fence-Walking: Co-Creating Clinical Class Materials at UEL
A fortuitous confluence of many factors coming together quickly brought me to Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat airport.  Read more




The first time I came to visit the BABSEA CLE House, I was impressed by the library. It was located at the center of the house. Read more

Good Memories with Lecturer from Vietnam

We found the work very tiring but we were able to talk a lot together. That is why I feel so close to Hang and I can call her my close friend. Read more

CLE Vietnam Network Meeting

The meeting has been an opportunity for all the representatives to participate in building an effective method of collaboration… Read more

Self-Reflection on One Year Experience of Being a Legal Fellow

As I graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University, I was drawn to BABSEA CLE’s vision. Read more

Management Accounting Systems and Unity in Organization

It is amazing that my profession, which seems unrelated to social justice, can be a small gear helping society. Read more

Work Experience with BABSEA CLE

I do not know exactly why I like working here, but one thing I know is that this has been a big experience in my life. Read more

Looking Forward to the “5th Trio for Justice”
 Staff, volunteers and interns are anticipating another great experience on 12 January, 2014.
Phayao Community Teaching Experience

Dedicating time, energy and youth to those less fortunate with hope for a better day… Read more

Self-Reflection on Community Teaching at Phayao

I realize that community teaching is not about having a big class or many learners… Read more

New Inventory System

BABSEA CLE now has a better way to keep track of our inventory. Learn More

Changes to the Website

The Externship and Trio for Justice webpages have been updated. Learn More


2nd SEA/ASIA Pro Bono Conference, Vietnam
HCMC Vietnam,
 October 11 & 12, 2013.
3rd Annual A2J Fair
The 3rd Access to Justice Public Interest Fair is coming on November 16th.
5th Trio for Justice

The 5th Trio for Justice will be coming on January 12, 2014.