BABSEACLE and BABSEACLE Foundation’s Access to Justice Weekend 8th-11th of January 2015

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BABSEACLE and BABSEACLE Foundation’s Access to Justice Weekend will take place during the Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th January 2015 to raise awareness, financial and technical support for access to justice, clinical legal education and community empowerment initiatives throughout the region.

 The 6th Trio For Justice will be combined with the 4th Access to Justice (A2J) Public Interest Fair at Huey Tueng Tao Park in the morning of the 10th of January 2015. These will be followed by the Access to Justice Celebration Dinner in the evening of the 10th and an access to justice themed movie night under the stars on Sunday the 11th. Various CLE workshops for law students from the region will be added to the agenda on Thursday and Friday to complete the Access to Justice Weekend. 

The 4th A2J Fair will be held simultaneously with the 6th Trio For Justice with the participant’s stalls being arranged near the Trio ForJustice start/finish line. By doing this we hope to attract a wider range of participants to both events and strengthen the aims of both events – to raise awareness for access to justice issues and build collaborative partnerships.

img_2273The Trio For Justice is a flagship event in the fundraising calendar of BABSEACLE and BABSEACLE Foundation. It also helps to create significant awareness and promote dialogue about many of the social justice issues that the two organizations, and their partners, are faced with on a daily basis. The 6th Trio For Justice will consist of a half marathon, a 10K and 5K run/walk and a 3K fun run/walk for kids. The 5th Trio For Justice, which was held on January 12th 2014, had almost 400 runners, walkers and volunteers attending from all over Thailand, the region and the world.  It helped to raise more than $25,000 USD to support access to justice initiatives. 

The A2J Fair is a networking hub for various organisations and foundations in the Southeast Asian region, to share their experiences andsupport their efforts in furthering access to justice. The Fair is a way for like-minded organisations to come together in their shared objectives, of creating awareness about social issues faced by marginalized groups. The 3rd A2J fair was held on the 16th of November 2013 at the Kantary Hills Hotel, with 28 organisations in attendance.

This year, we will also be hosting an ‘Access to Justice Celebration Dinner’ for all participants of the A2J Fair and the Trio For Justice as well as others who would like to join. It is a chance to meet like-minded people and organisations, learn more about the work of BABSEACLE, BABSEACLE Foundation, and that of our partners, and will give participants a chance to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal and entertainment. 

The Access to Justice Weekend will be rounded out with an access to justice themed movie night under the stars held at the BABSEACLE house in the evening of Sunday the 11th January 2015. Clinical Legal Education workshops will also be hosted for law students and lecturers from the region and Thailand in the run up to the main events on Saturday. 

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BABSEACLE and BABSEACLE Foundation partner with civil society, government, businesses, law firms and university partners to improve the quality of legal education throughout the Southeast Asia region. They also conduct various community teaching sessions and outreach programmes to directly assist disenfranchised people to become aware of and protect their rights.

For more information on any of these events please contact our Events Coordinator, Suphamat (Bee) Phonphra at:

Email: [email protected]): (+66)(0)80-4979559

Author: Nattakan Chomputhong

Nattakan (Ann) holds a first class honours bachelor of law degree from Chiang Mai University and was involved in the CLE programs while she was a law student. Upon graduation, she became a legal fellow of CLE Foundation and BABSEA CLE (volunteer). Now, having completed her time as a legal fellow of CLE Foundation and BABSEA CLE, Ann works as a legal trainer. In this role her responsibilities include administrative and teaching support for clinic programs throughout South East Asia and providing training for those wishing to become clinical faculty members. Ann also provides valuable services to the community; she assists weekly, when possible, at the Wildflower Legal Education Initiative where she teaches single mothers, of varying ethnicities including Burmese and the people of the hill tribes, their legal rights. She also opens up clinic spaces for addition students and strengthens and enlivens clinical programmes to build a solid foundation of clinical faculty members. These programmes serve to develop the training ground for new clinical faculty, who are making the transition from practice to clinical teaching as well as providing the opportunity for entry level candidates with the time and intellectual space to craft a scholarly agenda that is tied to and symbiotic with clinical teaching and service. Ann has the opportunity to reflect on these experiences, and possibly the prospect of being better positioned in the law school teaching market.

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