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Silent Auction


5th Asia Pro Bono Conference*

“The Impact of Pro Bono on Transformational Change:

Working to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”

31st August-1st September 2016

Dear 5th Asia Pro Bono Conference Delegates,

Last year during the 4th Asia Pro Bono Conference in Mandalay, Myanmar we organised a Silent Auction which was a huge success. We raised $1,680USD all of which was donated to local organisation supporting the victims of some of the worst floods Myanmar has ever experienced.

This year we will once again be holding a Silent Auction and invite delegates coming to the conference to bring souvenirs from their countries to donate to the “silent auction” that will take place on 31st August -1st September. The item could be anything that is traditional in your country or region, something that tourists like to buy when they visit or something that you think is representative of your country. It can be something very small and inexpensive.

The items will be displayed in the Market Place area, which you can visit in during the coffee breaks on both days. Each item will have a “bid sheet” where people wishing to bid on the item can write the amount they are willing to pay, their name, and email address.  Over the two days, people can write in bids with higher prices. The person with the highest bid at the close of the auction “wins,” pays the amount bid, and takes the item home.

NOTICED: All items/souvenir which are related to “Political Issue” are not accepted at the Silent Auction.

All proceeds for the Silent Auction benefit will be donated to “Lembaga Bantuan Hokum Bali (LBH-Bali)” to support and develop Legal Aid services in Bali. Click for more information

Your sincerely,

The 5th Asia Pro Bono Conference Organizing Committee

Find out more about the silent auction please contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

*This impactful, regionally developed and guided Conference is being coordinated and held side by side with the PILnet 3rd Asia Pro Bono Forum (August 29-30).  Collectively the Conference and Forum is being referred to as the Asia Pro Bono Exchange (August 29 – September 1).