5th Asia Pro Bono Conference Silent Auction Donor and Winners

5th Asia Pro Bono Conference Silent Auction Donors and Winners

31st August-1st September 2016

silent auction

Dear 5th Asia Pro Bono Conference Delegates,

A wonderful 5th Asia Pro Bono Conference has end with a great success, with the strong movement from all participants in focusing “The Impact of Pro Bono on Transformational Change: Working to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”. Even the 5th Asia Pro Bono has end, and we are very proud to all donation you given to this even and will keep this memory of the 5th Asia Pro Bono as we are part of a Asia Pro Bono Movement.

The 5th Asia Pro Bono Conference Silent Auction Rise the Total of unspecified7,853,500IDR ($604 USD )to Support the “Lembaga Bantuan Hokum Bali (LBH-Bali)” to foster Bali Legal Aid.

Your sincerely,

The 5th Asia Pro Bono Conference Organizing Committee

List of the Donors and Winners:

No.Item nameNationalityCompany/Universities/DonorsPriceWinner
1Sori SongkftMalaysiaUniversity of Malaya65,000Charmaine Yap
2Jewellery BoxMalaysiaUniversity of Malaya10,000Pavina
3Green Tea boxMalaysiaUniversity of Malaya40,000Francisca
4NecklaceIndonesiaFaculty of Law University of Indonesia300,000Divid
5NecklaceIndonesiaFaculty of Law University of Indonesia60,000U Thin Htai
6NecklaceIndonesiaINCLE7,000U Thin Htai
7Card holder/BoxMyanmarCho Mie Aung90,000Rebecca
8Hair clipMyanmarCho Mie Aung40,000Sugeng Teguh Santoso
9Key chain & Nail ClipperMyanmarCho Mie Aung5,500Julius Ibrani
10Key chain & Bottle OpenerLaosLaos5,500Julius Ibrani
11Key chain & Bottle OpenerLaosLaos6,000Sann Thide
12Card holderLaosLaos80,000Kyaw Htay Lwin
13Key chain & Nail ClipperLaosLaos26,000Nicolas DLA
14Vietnamese Coffee (Filter coffee) & making coffee cupVietnamLinh Bear & Lan Anh200,000Sugeng Teguh Santoso
15Han-Brown Glass MagnetUSAJoane Katz100,000Lan Anh
16Beab head dress and necklacePhilippineCentre for Reproductive Rights50,000Yastinis
17Necklace- hard Blown glass beadUSADavid Tushaus150,000Kyaw Htay Lwin
18Pottery Coffee mug-hand thrownUSADavid Tushaus130,000Kate Donneely
19San Francisco Bag + NotebookUSADLA-Piper/New Perimeter (Andrew)130,000Nonta Thazon
20Austrakran boalder opal necklaceAustraliaChris Walsh350,000Lauren Dornison
21Long Leaf Parjeeling Tea (3 packets)IndiaS. Vijay Gopal200,000Tan Cheow Hung
22Passport Holders Pouch + Coin PurseSingaporeBeacon Law Corporation350,000Pavina
23Key chainsIndonesiaFaculty of Law University Bali39,000Sann Thide
24PenalIndonesiaFaculty of Law University Bali150,000Emma Dunlerie
25PenalIndonesiaFaculty of Law University Bali130,000Francisca
26Tenum songket sarongIndonesiaFaculty of Law University Bali195,000Marlon Manuel
27Penal pointIndonesiaFaculty of Law University Bali55,000Phillkyu Hwang
28Key holder-ThailandThailandBruce2,500Bandana Poudel
29Jack jewellaryMaymarWendy325,000Adam Pantouw
30UQ Souvenir CollectionAustraliaUQ ProBono Centre200,000Sann Thide
31UQ Souvenir CollectionAustraliaUQ ProBono Centre170,000Galuh Purnama
32Kangagroo Pencil case & chocolateAustraliaCathrine Rees (Kranny)45,000Phillkyu Hwang
33Karmar & BlacbedsCambodiaMetia Karuva Foundation120,000Divid
34Australia wildflower MugAustraliaCathrine Rees (Kranny)170,000Monica Taylor
35Hand Paunded boomerangAustraliaHealieud Smith Freelulty400,000Bruno
36Kangaroo Magnet x2AustraliaHSF52,000Sann Thide
37Teddy Bear in BudinahamUKAshurst120,000Samantha
38Goal BadgeAustraliaAshurst20,500Julius Ibrani
39Totesos, Tee shirt, Ph chargesUSACentre for Reproductive Rights100,000Linh Bear
40Totesos, Tee shirt, Ph chargesUSACentre for Reproductive Rights91,000Cathreen Caganan
41Postcard of Thailand kingThailandWendy10,000Rebecca
42LaksaSingapore50,000Monica Taylor
43Vietnamese wineVietnamLinh Bear & Lan Anh300,000Catherine Kenny
44Tea buel koalaAustraliaWendy37,500Sann Thide
45Sugee (Singapore Sweetfront)SingaporeNUS Probono Group50,000Mary Catherine
46Coka Coffee from BoineleIndonesiaSuana-(Asylum) Indonesia50,000Nick Booth
472 pursesAustraliaSuana-(Asylum) Indonesia13,000Maria Ulfah
48Mongolia Cup MatMongoliaBruce26,000Sann Thide
49KutanoIndonesiaBBKH FH. UNDP BANDUNG135,000Khan Myint Nwing
50KutanoIndonesiaBBKH FH. UNDP BANDUNG150,000L Khun Reng Pan
51Autralia kitchen Set (Brown)AustraliaMark Woods200,000Tan Cheow Hung
52Australia kitchen set (Green)AustraliaMark Woods100,000Divid
53NecklacePhilippineMJManuel360,000Pann Ei
54NecklacePhilippineMJManuel234,000Pann Ei
55Soap HolderThailandBee50,000Francisca
56Soap HolderThailandBee2,000Pavina
57Hand Made Beaded GensbokSouth AfricaDesiree David136,000Peter Thomson
58Hand made wire + beaded LionSouth AfricaDesiree David130,000Nenita Tuazon
60Food coverMaldivesMaldives10,000Rebecca
61Toddy PotMaldivesMaldives25,000Sann Thide
62Art Card WorkPhilippineHLAF200,000Jonh Corker
63Aboriginal print coffee mug and message stoneAustraliaAustralia60,000Sann Thide
64SoapUnknownGong gay55,000Pann Ei
65T-shirtAustraliaMark Woods120,000Agus
66Legal Handbook for Community OrganizationSingaporeThe Law Society of Singapore110,000Jessica Marsh
67Legal Handbook for Community OrganizationSingaporeThe Law Society of Singapore40,000L Khun Reng Pan
68UQ Souvenir CollectionAustraliaUQ ProBono Centre140,000Preeda
69San Francisco Bag + NotebookUSADLA-Piper/New Perimeter (Andrew)130,000Sann Thide
Total in IDR                                             7,853,500
Total in USD                                                604


Author: Pavina

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