International Clinicians in Residence

International Clinicians in Residence

BABSEACLE regularly hosts a number of  “Clinicians-in-Residence”. These individuals are leading practitioners and thinkers in the field of CLE, access to justice and legal education. Whilst at BABSEACLE they add to the institutional knowledge by providing lessons in their area of expertise, gain valuable practical experience and are encouraged to pursue research opportunities in the area.

Clinicians-in-Residence participate in a ‘dialogue’ with BABSEACLE and our partners. We are often able to connect them with many of our partner universities in the region to experience CLE on the ground in Asia. It also provides a valuable networking opportunity and the ability to cultivate collaborative academic networks of CLE practitioners.

See below our Clinicians in Residence currently and from the past, where they are from and where they were placed, whilst working with BABSEACLE.


Map currently being updated. 


List of Clinicians Names


Andrew Valentine 

Anirban Chakraborty

Bebs (Elizabeth) Chorak

Catherine Campbell

Cheryl Kluwe

Colin James

David Mcquoid-Mason

Donald Peters

Doug Colbert

Edward O’Brien

Evan Rosen

Frank Bloch

Freda Grealy

Grimes Richard

Gwynne Skinner

Helen Yandell

Huong Thein Tran

Jake Stevens 

Jane Sanders

John Done

Kristen Maule

Liana Haroyan

Lisa Bliss

Linda Tam

Liubou Krasnitskaya

Marianne Artusio

Mark Andrews

Martin Geer

Matthew Goerke

Melinda Edwards

Melissa Brody

Michelle Langlois

Nadia Morales

Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh

Paul Arnold

Rachel Bardiger

Rebecca Parker

Scott Neilson

Sue McGraugh

Susan Brooks

Thip Nouansyvong

Tim (Harrison) Dickey