Pro Bono Conference Waiver Form

1. The Organizers will consider providing a partial conference/workshop fee waiver to attendees who have both a demonstrated financial need and a history of being involved in pro bono and/or community service projects directed towards helping the poor and marginalized.
2. The general rule is that conference/workshop fees will not be waived entirely. In the past the Organizers rarely have waived more than 60% of the cost.
3. Preference is usually given to local delegates and regional partners who work in the access to justice sector who are financially unable to attend. Presenting a paper, speaking, or volunteering at the conference/workshop does not guarantee a partial fee waiver, but it may assist in your application for a waiver.
4. If a partial fee waiver is granted, the delegate is expected to attend the entire conference/workshop (unless otherwise discussed and agreed to).

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Conference/workshop fees are what percent of your monthly salary:

Reasons for requesting the fee waiver:

Describe current and previous pro bono work or relevant involvement in community service projects:

Have you submitted a paper be a part of the conference, submitted a proposal to present at the conference, or are presenting at the conference?

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Privacy Policy:
The Organizers will use resumes and personal information for the purposes of registration and partial fee waiver assessment only. The information will not be disclosed to others.