Viet Nam Team

Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh (Linh)
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Project Coordinator
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Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh (Linh Bear) graduated from the Trade Union University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Business Law in 2011 and then a Bachelor of Law in 2013. She used to work for BABSEACLE as a Legal Fellow and Coordinator for Trade Union University’s law clinic from 2011 to 2013. In June 2013, she started working for BABSEACLE as a full time project coordinator. She has been a part of the CLE program for almost 4 years and has experienced all CLE activities. She has trained with many CLE activities and CLE training workshop and conferences, including in-house and community teaching sessions in different institutions internationally and regionally (Vietnam, Lao, Thailand, Singapore, Australia). In March 2013, she completed the five month CLE placement at Springvale Monash Legal Service, Monash University in Australia. The placement was an unique opportunity for her to enhance her experience of access to justice and clinical legal education. She is a trainer of many CLE skill training workshops such as interviewing, counselling, journaling, professional ethics, client confidentiality, ice-breaking methods, effective team work, presentation, developing lesson plans, active listening, writing skills, case management, time management, seeking information from the community and many other skills under the CLE programme. In addition, she is a project coordinator and is interested in working on projects related to HIV/AIDS. She is the co-author of the Vietnamese training manual on HIV/AIDS and “Learning about your Rights”. She is currently a master trainer on EIDHR project related to protecting the rights of people living with HIV. The CLE program has helped her improve her personal capacity, responsibility and professional ethics.

Minh Nguyen
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Minh Nguyen is currently an LLM Candidate at Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution of Pepperdine University. Prior to coming to the United States to pursue her master of law degree under the Fulbright Scholarship, Ms. Nguyen worked as an associate at Ho Chi Minh City office of a London-headquartered international law firm. She is a proactive volunteer for Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEACLE) for its legal education activities in Vietnam. Ms. Nguyen has involved in legal education program of BABSEACLE in Vietnam since 2009 when she was a senior law student at the School of Law of Hanoi National University. She has participated in and provided support for a number of legal training workshops for many law universities in Vietnam such as Hanoi National University, Trade Union University, National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, Can Tho University and University of Economics and Law.

Nguyen Lan Anh (Lan Anh)
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Programme Assistance Officer
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Lan Anh has been working for BABSEACLE as the projects’ assistant. Before, she worked with the Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives and supported some projects concerning the children of sex workers and translating three chapters of the book “Cognitive therapy for addiction”. Beside her years of experience in doing social work, She has been an English tutor for more than six years. With her passion relating to community and social work, she participated in BABSEACLE. During volunteer time, she learnt the knowledge, skills and value of Clinical Legal Education, the access to justice mission, and community legal education. In addition, she supported some special tasks regarding the PBC 2013, EIDHR Project, etc. Lan Anh believes that through working and volunteering with BABSEACLE, she can use her knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and her warm heart to help the disadvantaged community.

Bui Thu Hien
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Hien Thu Bui is BABSEACLE’s Former Vietnam Country Programme Manager. Currently, she is on a one year leave to pursue her Masters of Law and has been working with BABSEACLE as a volunteer consultant. Hien Bui has been involved in the Clinical Legal Education (CLE) in her country for more than six years when she was still a law student at the Vietnam National University. In the following six years, she has been in charge of the CLE programme in different capacities, from a student volunteer to a project coordinator and then a country programme manager. Together with her team, Hien has been working with law schools throughout Vietnam helping them establish and develop their law clinics and at the same time, strengthening access to justice and Pro Bono culture across the country. As a lawyer in training she graduated from the Vietnam Judicial Academy and Vietnam National University. Hien has dedicated herself to legal education reform and the pro bono movement in Vietnam and regionally.