BABSEACLE Foundation and BABSEA CLE gave a workshop at North-Chiang Mai University (NCU) for the first time on September 6, 2012. The workshop aimed to teach NCU law students about what Clinical Legal Education (CLE) is, why we have CLE programs at universities, the goals of CLE, different models of CLE, and the current situation of CLE programs in Thailand.

In the workshop, we taught the law students not only through lecture, but also used teaching methods such as brainstorming, group work, role plays, audio visual, puppet show, etc. Using these teaching methods not only taught the students about our interactive methodology, but meant they were enthusiastic, active and had fun.

The participants were law students studying in the CLE class. This class just started this year, so it was not surprising that the students in the class did not know very much about CLE yet. They seemed quite shy when starting the workshop, possibly because we had international interns and volunteers participating in the workshop and students did not have good English skills. But after doing activities with our Fellows, interns and volunteers, they had more confidence and became brave enough to talk to our interns and volunteers.

This workshop was a chance for our Fellows, not only to be translators but also to be trainers and leaders. They did a good job in translation, because their English skills have improved. They also were good trainers, who could lead various topics in the workshop. They spoke loud and clear and definitely showed everyone their leadership qualities. Our interns and volunteers also did a good job. They fully participated in the activities to help the Fellows demonstrate the activity instructions and worked with NCU law students in group discussion activities.