Virtual Law Placement (VLP)

A Virtual Law Placement (VLP) is an online CLE program whereby universities connect to civil society and other partners involved in access to justice activities. VLP utilises online communication technologies to overcome barriers to participation in international social justice projects that are posed by distance, visa restrictions, expense, family responsibilities and financial hardship, while providing law students with authentic international social justice placement opportunities.

VLP offers students the opportunity to apply integrated legal knowledge and skills to complete a real world workplace project in a team using online communication technologies to communicate with their supervisors and each other.

The Virtual Law Placement (VLP) is one of a series of work integrated learning units to provide the student with the experience of using and developing their legal knowledge and skills in a real world placement. VLP is distinctive from other units in this series in several important respects:

  • VLP provides students with an opportunity to access a greater variety of work placement opportunities within the diverse range of working environments that are represented by the Career Streams for elective law subjects including international work placements
  • Students use online communication technologies to enable them to be virtually, rather than physically present at the workplace and to engage with other participants in the workplace, including the workplace supervisor of the virtual placement
  • Students have the opportunity to learn about the most effective methods of applying for a professional legal position
  • Students have the opportunity to learn about issues of law and social justice in the context of non-government organisation (NGO) practice, often working with human rights standards, and usually in developing countries.

Project partners are: