As interns of BABSEACLE, we decided to work for an non-governmental organization, because of our passion and commitment to help others. Knowing what we know about BABSEACLE, we felt this was the best option for us, so we did not look for any other organization. 15 August, 2016, was our first day at BABSEACLE, and we were afraid to learn something new, for fear that we wouldn’t be able to do what was asked of us. But there was no need to fear: the Thai team showed us great kindness; patiently taught us about the workplace systems, in a simple and easy way; were always willing to give us answers for what we did not know; and were eager to help us with our mistakes. While interns, we developed, in many ways, such as English language abilities, ability to work with various teams, and knowledge of the law.


We took part in many activities, including the “BABSEACLE Team Strategic Planning Weekend”, which we particularly enjoyed, because we had fun together. We were like a big, warm family, happy every time that we worked with them, especially the BABSEACLE Chiang Mai team. They are like friends, brothers and sisters i.e. family, who did things that made us closer. We have hardly ever come across another organization, as warm as this, before, and everyone shared knowledge, unconditionally.

After our internship, at BABSEACLE, we came back to university, thinking, “We have grown up”. In the past, we spent our time, like other students e.g., interested less in classes or studying, than playing with friends. But, teamwork does not permit that, and we had to think, concentrate on the assignment, and check that things were correct, again and again. Making sure, before sending something to another person, is a responsibility. Our time with BABSEACLE taught us to be better persons, and the knowledge  we gained will help to find a job, in the future.

Everyone has the potential for good, and our lives should be an example of this. BABSEACLE is a great foundation that promotes the potential of people, the equality of law, the improvement of universities and students, the advancement of the rights of needy litigants. We are not disappointed in having chosen that we chose this Foundation. and thank you all, for such a wonderful experience! ^^

By Juthamart Auychai & Santichai Mamoon, intern of BABSEACLE