IMG_1405On May 7th and 8th, 2016, lawyers from the Yangon Justice Center attended the Community Legal Education (CLE) Externship Programme Supervision and Report Writing Workshop. During this workshop, we were introduced to CLE and learnt about the six goals of CLE.

We also learnt that Bridges Across Borders South East Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEACLE) is partnering, with all 18 Myanmar University law departments, in order to develop CLE Community Teaching, CLE Mock Trial, CLE Externship and CLE In-House Consultation programmes. The main participants of these CLE Programmes are university law students, law teachers, IMG_1406lawyers and social organizations that know the importance of supervision, skills, the duties and obligations of a CLE Externship supervisor, and that report writing is an important part of CLE Externships e.g., reports can easily and effectively facilitate the communication between universities, students and organizations.

Thanks to this workshop, we got the chance to learn about five types of reports, which are (name each one). We also learnt: how to write a report; how many words should systematically be used in a sentence; and how to evaluate pre-test and post-test participants. These are very useful tools to test the participants’ knowledge, and the mutual between such participants and their supervisors.

We thank BABSEACLE for letting us join the workshop, and for giving us new knowledge and skills. We hope to join other workshops in the future!

Yangon Justice Centre