Soepay Waisai (Dang)

inventory sticker

Every office needs inventory to help run the office. Inventory helps us to know what we have and what we need. Inventory also helps us to see what parts are old and what parts need to be replaced. Inventory helps our office work better. For example, if some computer is broken, it is easy to check if we have the part because of the inventory list.

We have a description, the model type, the amount that it costs, and which room it is in. The new inventory system has many different categories. These categories make it easier to find items when we need to. We also use the BABSEACLE stickers. On the local sticker we have a code number which tells us what the item is and what number. We have to put the code numbers on all of our possessions, such as under the desks. The code number on the sticker can be found on the computer on the new inventory list, as well as the item description, serial number, and the condition of the item.

I think this system is easier to use and when we need to find something it doesn’t take a long time. Before we didn’t have this system and when we needed an item we could not check the list and it would take a long time. So now we have time to do other things. With this list, I have an extra three hours to finish other jobs. This inventory list helps our office to work faster.


The purpose of the new maintenance checklist is to help keep the BABSEACLE house clean and to help fix things like the air conditioning, the lights, the doors, and many other things. If something is broken, it’s important to fix it quickly.

For example, in the volunteer rooms, we want to make sure that everything is working for our volunteers and our interns.

The new maintenance checklist is organized by different rooms. Each checklist has the room number, a space to put down a problem (if there is one), if the problem was fixed, and a space for notes if it is not finished or fixed. There is also a map of each of the rooms on the checklist.

The maintenance checklist has made it easy to know what part of the house needs to be fixed. Every week, we print out the weekly maintenance checklist and map for the BABSEACLE house. We give each intern or volunteer a maintenance checklist and map, and on the checklist, there is a room number and the name of the room. The intern or volunteer has to check different things–they have to see if the lights are working or not, if the tables are okay, and if everything is in order. The intern or volunteer writes down on the weekly maintenance checklist if something is broken or needs to be fixed.

I think the new systems are a good thing because we can work better as an office.