Zabu Aye Chan Aung

I am Zabu Aye Chan Aung. You can call me Kamar. I am a third year law student, from Yangon University. I have two more years until I graduate. My native town is Hpa-an, in Karen State, but at the moment I live in Yangon, with my father and my sister, in my aunt’s house. Normally, during holidays, I go back to Hpa-an, but this time I will work, as an intern, in the Bridges Across Borders South East Asia Community Legal Education Intiative (BABSEACLE) Yangon Office, from the 4th of April 2016 to the end of May, 2016. I got interested in this opportunity, after I joined the Community Legal Education (CLE) externship Clinic training workshop that was organized by BABSEACLE, and after I learned CLE methodologies. Consequently, when the BABSEACLE Myanmar office offered internship positions for law students, I applied. I am really glad I got it! I am eager to strengthen my knowledge about access to justice topics and will do my best to help poor people. I help the Myanmar team, in their everyday work. I will attend a CLE workshop, in Yangon, on 7 & 8 May, 2016. I am very excited to participate, because I have joined the previous workshops, as a student, but this time, I will be a staff member! I strongly believe that I will get a lot of knowledge from this experience, and I can say that my skills and capabilities have already improved! The team members are really friendly and willing to teach me new things. Sometimes, they make me join United Nations Development Programme meetings, in order to get experience. I will be happy to share all this knowledge and experience with my friends, when the University reopens. I would like to help, and to be involved in CLE programs, after the end of my internship!

 Philip IntroSai Oo Hseng Ngin (Philip)

My nickname is Philip and I am a Myanmar high school graduate. I joined United World College of South East Asia, in Singapore, as a scholar, in 2014, and I received my bilingual diploma, in 2016. I will continue my studies at Luther College in the USA, this fall.

I have been devoted to community services, ever since I was young, because I love to, and because I want the younger generation, in my country, to get the opportunities that my friends and I did not have, when we were their age.

I was introduced to Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEACLE), in high school grade-11, during the 3rd Asia Pro Bono Conference, in Singapore, when I was asked to translate English to Burmese. At this time, I am really grateful to be, back in Myanmar and be an intern at the BABSEACLE Yangon office.

I hope that this internship will be beneficial to the community and to me, as it will certainly help me to improve my skills, value and knowledge, allow me to advance the 6 goals of Clinical Legal Education and enable me to draft lesson plans for Burmese and Australian students. This is a wonderful opportunity to weekly update my time-log and journal, so that I can reflect on my experiences, and sincerely thank each and everyone who has supported me.