First impression

My objectives, in attending the 2016 conference were to better understand pro bono and why it is needed. When I first got to Bali, Indonesia, I was very impressed with all the participants, as they were mostly people, from very different backgrounds, and not students. Some were practicing lawyers and some were people who have been doing pro bono activities, for a long time. I was excited, but also nervous, because I had no idea of what to expect, or how the conference would be carried out, since this was the first pro bono conference that I had ever attended.


My take of the conference

Throughout this program, I learned a lot of things, and I met so many wonderful people. To know that Malaysia would host the next Asia Pro bono conference is exciting and thrilling.

After going back and having time to decipher everything that I have learned, I would say that this conference provides a very good platform, for those who are new to pro bono activities. It naturally feels like my duty, to spread pro bono awareness, to my friends at university, as some might have not been exposed to the condition of communities that are marginalized, by the society, which results in poor access to justice.

As a student, I strongly recommend this program, to other students, so that they may discover the hidden side of what is needed, and find ways to contribute their knowledge to society.

“I am part of the Asia pro bono movement”

 By Aisyah Nabilah Bt rozalli, student at University of Malaya