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This website and listserv is a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and open discussion about Clinical Legal Education and Legal Capacity Development as a means to help promote, build and support these types of initiatives.

The primary aim of its work is to dissolve the imagined and imposed borders that separate people

  • by encouraging a cooperative spirit that builds understanding of our global community
  • by supporting projects that lead to sustainable economic self-sufficiency
  • by preserving ancient cultures and ancient species
  • by teaching creative nonviolent methods of resolving conflict and
  • by promoting universal principles of access to justice.

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Vision Statement

Clinic Talk’s long term vision throughout the Southeast Asia Region and beyond is to provide a foundation for an advance to:

  • Develop, enrich and sustain ethical legal awareness
  • Increase knowledge and promote professional, ethical legal practice
  • Provide equal access to justice

Secure protection of access to justice, equality and citizenship to all members of society.