CLE Thailand is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded in 2010. This organization, which developed from a program of BABSEA CLE, grew into an independent organization to pursue its own individual yet complementary mission.

The purpose of CLE Thailand is to promote access to justice and sustainable development throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. CLE Thailand aims to achieve its goals through education of both, vulnerable sectors of society, as well as empowering the academic sector, which in time will assist in having a broader impact towards solving the issues generated from a lack in education. 

Thailand Community Empowerment Initiative

The Thailand Community Empowerment Initiative has two main programs:

  1. to empower vulnerable individuals and communities by creating and strengthening sustainable legal and human rights education and access to justice programs in Thailand through the establishment and support of university-based Clinical Legal Education (CLE) programs throughout Thailand;
  2. to improve the education of Thailand’s incarcerated youth sector.