By Ann, Ben, Tak

Ann, BABSEA CLE Legal fellow

I knew when I finished my Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law at Chiang Mai University that I wanted to work for a non-governmental organization. And I already knew BABSEACLE as an organization, because they provided technical assistance and financial support to the Legal Consultation Center at my university. I was drawn to the vision of BABSEACLE of working for social justice for vulnerable people. So it’s my good fortune now to have the opportunity to work here as a CLE Legal Fellow. Com-munity teaching to single mothers at Wildflower is a wonderful experience for me. Now, I’m working on a Pretrial Detention Project to support a clinician visiting us from an American law faculty.

Since BABSEACLE is an international organization, being good at English is very important. Therefore, I have to study hard to improve my English so that I can work effectively with the BABSEACLE team. Even though I’ve only been here three months, I have learned many things. And I’m ready and looking forward to learning more and more.

I love to use my legal knowledge to help people, and I enjoy working with people who have a pro-bono attitude about social justice. I don’t think I will be a lawyer though, because I don’t think it’s suitable for my personality. I’m happy to directly work for social justice for disadvantaged people. I love to see them smile when they know their legal rights. That’s enough to make me happy, too!

Ben, BABSEACLE Legal fellow

My name is Kasidit Thongthaikhunakon. I’m 23 years old. I come from Mae Hong Son. I graduated from the School of Law, University of Phayao. I wanted to work at BABSEACLE because I expe-rienced BABSEACLE’s activities at my university.

BABSEACLE conducted workshops at the University of Phayao. Then, I felt this organization was interesting and important. Also, I wanted to learn and develop my English with native speakers.  Therefore, I am really happy that I am now a Legal Fellow of BABSEACLE.

When I started to work here, I was worried because my English was not good and I was afraid to speak with foreigners.   However, I have tried my very best and I am hoping my English will improve.

The part I like best about working here is when new interns come to BABSEACLE, because then I have new work partners and we can exchange ideas and attitudes. They also help me learn English. In my work at BABSEACLE I also support visiting clinician Michelle Langlois from the University of Montreal. I will help her in her work at the University of Phayao. I am very happy to work with her because she has a great personality, is very friendly and will be going to help my old university CLE group!

In the future, I want to be a judge. It was my ambition when I began to study law. Moreover, I want to be good in English since it is important to know everywhere.


Tak, BABSEACLE Legal fellow

My name is Klanarong Kaikrong. My nickname is Tak. I’m 22 and I come from Lumpang. I graduated in law at the University of Phayao.

I wanted to work at BABSEACLE because of all the BABSEACLE activities I joined at my university.  The workshops they conducted made me know that this organization is interesting and important. Also, I wanted to work with foreigners to improve my English. Now, I am a Fellow here, and my duties include contacting locations, and arranging the food and vehicles we need for each workshop. When I first started here, I was very worried about my English. I cannot speak or write English very well. I think my English is very poor. However, I have to do my duties to the best of my ability. I think practice makes perfect. Now, I am working at Mae Fah Luang University, where I am the support person for Professor Lisa Bliss, a visiting clinician from the United States.

In the future, I want to be good at English because I think it is important to communicate with people from other places. If I am better at English, I can be more professional in my work here. I am happy to be here and getting along very well with foreigners.