Hang Trinh, Law Faculty, Vinh University

I really love books so it was easy to fall in love with the BABSEACLE Library!!

The first time I came to visit the BABSEACLE House, I was impressed by the library. It was located at the center of the house. There were long shelves on the right hand side and some shorter shelves on the left when I looked in from the door to get inside. It had a lot of books with various topics and eye–catching colors. I was so excited when I saw it. Mr. Bruce said I could read these books if I wanted. I was so happy! I went back and forth to see the books and I thought, “I will read them someday. I have 2 months here!” But I must get used to new things when I was in Chiang Mai so I did not have time for books until the chance came. The library needed to be rearranged and made new! ☺ This project gave me a chance to know how great the library is and get closer to the friends I love!

The library has a vast space for study books. It includes “Law study”, “Lawyering skills”, “Legal advice skills”, “Gender and the law”, “Human rights”, “Access to justice”, “HIV/AIDS” and more! Some catalogues are about CLE such as “Street law”, “Teaching resources”, “Clinical education,” and have a large number of books. There are not only books about law but also about learning languages, such as English, Thai and Vietnamese.library

Besides study books, there are a large number of “Leisure reading” books in orange tape, “Cook books” with cooking recipes from different regions and “Art” books including books about music and painting.

There are also a lot of good and famous books in “History/Politics”. For example, “First they killed my father: A daughter of Cambodia remembers” by Luong Ung is a famous book I have heard of but never read before and it can be found easily in the BABSEACLE Library.

“Tour Guide” is the place for people who love traveling. This catalogue has a lot of books with travel advice, tips and destination information about different countries and lands.

“Advice books” is the catalogue where you can find instructions to fix your bicycle, plant a tree or some other useful information to help you know how to do things. “Spirituality and new age” will give useful things for your mind and soul with books such as “Being peace”, “101 experiments in the Philosophy of everyday” or Bible stories for kids.

There are a lot of other books. I can not name them all here but you can discover the fantastic library by yourself when you visit BABSEACLE in Chiang Mai.

I was very happy when I worked on interesting books with my lovely friends. One time, when I was walking on a street near my school, I saw a girl holding a book written about Vietnam by Lonely Planet. It reminded me of “Tour Guide” in the BABSEACLE Library and the time I was there. Now, I don’t work at BABSEACLE any more but it became one of the most beautiful memories I have had.

I had a great time there, I really do hope you enjoy it and have a great time too!