The BABSEA CLE International Legal Studies Externship Clinic offers an opportunity to make a real contribution to fighting the hardships and legal inequity in Southeast Asia while being involved in a remarkable experience of living and working in the region. This is an experience that is impossible to gain as a simple tourist.
The BABSEA CLE International Legal Studies Externship Clinic’s proposed activities emphasize four main areas: community legal education research and curriculum development, community service, education & culture, and self-reflection.
The primary supervision is by USA lawyer Bruce A. Lasky who is also BABSEA CLE’s co-Director and an Adjunct Professor at Chiang Mai University as well as BABSEA CLE’s co-Director Wendy Morrish who is also the CLE Regional Coordinator.

Dates: 2 programs/year

Each program is approx 12 weeks
1. May to August
2. November to February

For information on application requirements, costs and other information please visit our website or email the listed

Supervising Lawyer – Bruce A. Lasky
Email: [email protected]

Internship Coordinator – Pimtida Makar
Email: [email protected]