BABSEACLE hosts Interviewing and Counseling Workshop at NUL FLP and Fundraiser for Legal Consultation clinic at NUL FLP, August 6-7, 2011

On August 6-7, 2011, BABSEACLE, with the support of Freehills Law Firm, facilitated a training workshop on Interviewing andCounseling clients at the National University of Laos (NUL) Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP).  There were approximately 30 law students and law lecturers who attended with eager hearts and open minds. The first day of the workshop focused on the purposes, goals, and steps of an interview, different types of questioning in an interview, and the importance ofactive listening to a client during an interview.   The second day of the workshop focused on the elements of client counseling and decision making.  The participants explored these topics by engaging in interactive activities and lectures, group exercises, and practical case studies.  The overall workshop spanned more than 16 hours and was considered a huge success!  More importantly, it was truly inspiring to see the number of law students and law lectures who are deeply committed to serving their underprivileged communities by providing access to justice through their participation in the legal clinic at FLP.


In addition to the workshop conducted at the FLP legal clinic, BABSEACLE and its partner Village Focus International (VFI) organized a fundraiser with live music at the Full Moon Café in Vientiane on August 6, with the purpose to raise money for the construction of a legal consultation clinic at the NUL FLP for the poor and disadvantaged.  This fundraiser brought together members of the community including local lawyers, many students and staff from FLP, representatives of the Freehills Law Firm, and interns and staff from BABSEACLE and VFI.  With an overall goal of raising $6,000 USD for the construction of the clinic building, the event brought all of us much closer to achieving this goal. We are pleased with the outcome and the overall turnout for this event and hope to see many more as we work towards supporting NUL FLP.  Thank you to all who organized, supported, and showed up to the event!