The BABSEACLE Initiative is founded upon the strong belief that no society can function, much less protect the rights of its people, without a working Rule of Law system. Throughout the world, marginalized groups and individuals yearn for access to justice, yet they often find themselves without the power or ability to obtain it. The result is a pervasive sense of injustice throughout societies of both the Global North and South, where a growing rift continues to divide those with financial and legal means and those without.

Thankfully, there are ways to address some of these problems and to expand access to justice and protection of basic rights for poor and marginalized communities. Clinical and Community Legal Education programs are one such way.

To date, the BABSEACLE Initiative has accomplished great success on a budget provided in large measure from individual financial and in-kind contributions from our members and supporters.

For more information please download our brochure – BABSEACLE Brochure

BABSEACLE Provides Technical, Administrative and Organizational Support in Establishing, Developing and Maintaining University-based and Community-based CLE Programs

  •  BABSEACLE Conducts Grassroots Community and Training of Trainers Workshops Utilizing Interactive Community Legal Education Methodology
  •  BABSEACLE Develops and Assists in the Development of Interactive Legal Curricula and Manuals for University Law Faculties, Community-based Legal Advisors/Paralegals, as well as Non-Governmental and Governmental Organizations
  •  BABSEACLE Coordinates and Hosts  International Legal Studies Externship Programs. Participating Students May be Eligible for Course Credit
  •  BABSEACLE Organizes and Facilitates CLE Student, Professor and Lawyer Exchanges and Trainings as well as CLE Exposure Visits
  •  BABSEACLE Works to “Twin” Nascent or  Pioneering University Clinics With Recognized and Established University Clinics
  •  BABSEACLE Provides Training to Lawyers and Professors of Law to Assist in the Development