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As 2012 has now come to a close we want to thank all of you for being a unique part of such an incredible year of “firsts” for both BABSEA CLE and our partners. Reflecting back on all that was achieved in such an impactful way, it is hard to really believe what was accomplished in just 12 months. It seems as if it should have taken more than double or even triple this amount of time, but when looking back we see that it really was only 12 months-and they were amazing.


These “firsts” were not created in a vacuum. They were a real demonstration of the years of hard and dedicated work by our team and our partners, which laid the strong groundwork and foundation to make them happen. They are “firsts” and not “stand alones” or “lasts,” as they provide a vision and insight into the exciting and transformative access to justice legal education path of 2013 and onward. We are so excited about these plans and believe you will be, too.

Where does this all take us? These “firsts,” coupled with the continued programs and activities we have been engaged in for almost a decade, lead us in the direction of strengthening sustainable justice education programs throughout the Southeast Asia region and beyond.   They also place us in a guiding position to help positively mold the growing global pro bono movement. Finally, and most importantly, all of these events provide a further means to help develop the future access to justice champions that really assure this world is a better and fairer place.

None of this would have been possible without the help of each of you, and as you read through the pages in the magazine, we hope you enjoy the read. We thank you for all that you do, and look forward to your support and working with you in 2013 and long into the future.