In recent years the Vietnamese State has focused on diffusing awareness of and educating citizens on the Law on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control in order to ensure the law is being respected and is being correctly and fairly implemented. This focus has gradually increased awareness and helped the State to regulate behavior according to the rule of law. In order to satisfy the needs of People living with HIV (PLHIV) and enable the law to be used as a tool for protecting rights and benefits of PLHIV.  BABSEACLE  assisted in developing and writing  the manual “Learn About Your Rights Training Manual on HIV and the Law”. It also  helped support the local organization Institute on Policy, Law and Development,  a number of  Vietnamese clinical legal education professors and student partners, and UNAIDS to prepare the manual which was published in November, 2011.

The manual is based on the content of the Law on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, and associated legal documents guiding the implementation of that Law. The manual consists of 12 chapters relating to the rights of PLHIV under Vietnamese law. It includes basic information about HIV and AIDS; the rights and obligations of PLHIV; the rights of woman and children living with HIV; the right of PLHIV to be educated, work, receive health care, HIV counselling and testing and the right to privacy; on the prohibition of stigma and discrimination relating to HIV and AIDS; and the mechanisms available to address rights violations of PLHIV. The manual is written carefully and is easy to use through the inclusion of real cases and interactive teaching methods, such as role-plays, presentations and mock interviews which are designed to impart the specific information contained in each topic.

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