The 2nd Regional Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Summer School took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on the 9th -18th June 2016. This ten-day workshop was incredibly useful and valuable, for Myanmar Universities and for all the participants involved, as it created awareness about legal knowledge and how to promote access to justice. The CLE Community Teaching Program and street law programs are very effective for both students and communities, and encouraging students to do pro bono work promotes human rights, access to justice and the alleviation of poverty.


Participants from 17 countries and from various legal fields attended the Summer School. The fact that they all came from different backgrounds enabled them to share experiences and learn lessons from each other, engage in interesting and productive group discussions, and enhance their knowledge, and we shared the legal knowledge of our country with them.

We thank the Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia Community Legal Education Initiative (BABSEACLE) team for organizing these programs. We hope that future CLE programs and associated activities will be developed.

By Dr Khin Soe Soe Lnn, Associate professor of Myitkyina University