Asia Virtual Mock CLE Evidence Exclusionary Hearing

Asia Virtual Mock CLE Evidence Exclusionary Hearing is a collaborative, practical learning experience with subject matter that focuses on relevant legal issues and social justice outcomes. It is an abbreviated form of the Standard/Traditional Mock Trial. Participants simulate a case involving an exclusionary hearing to exclude evidence in an upcoming criminal trial. The case takes place in a hypothetical jurisdiction and is not focused on the law of a particular country. However, the law of the hypothetical jurisdiction applies global legal norms that strongly support core principles of fair trial, access to justice and Rule of Law. Participants have the first-hand opportunity to practice legal, analytical, and advocacy skills in a simulated courtroom, learn about courtroom procedure and to gain an appreciation of the importance of legal ethics and the Rule of Law in actual law practice. Of equal importance, Participants are shown clear examples of what a fair trial should and can be.

The training includes several sessions with a strong focus on the rule and procedures of the 2023 Asia Virtual CLE Evidence Exclusionary Hearing event’s rules, and explanation of a Motion to Exclude Evidence and an Evidence Exclusionary Hearing’s different stages (case planning, case theory, witness preparation, and various techniques related to witness testimony). Participants will examine the importance of impartiality, transparency of evidence, and the role of judges. Moreover, participants will have opportunities to improve their legal presentation skills, by providing oral statements in the simulated litigation process.


The focus of the Asia Virtual Mock CLE Evidence Exclusionary Hearing is to:

• Develop an understanding of the importance of fair trial and the rule of law;

• Provide a comprehensive experiential learning process that will enable participants to develop vital practical lawyering skills;

• Develop legal, analytical, and advocacy skills;

• Understand the challenges of legal ethics and access to justice;

• Increase the participants understanding of courtroom procedure;

• Foster relationships between universities and university CLE programs throughout the region; and;

• Increase participants’ English for law and overall fluency in English.

Justification for Program

BABSESCLE aims to empower law students and enable them to create and disseminate social justice information, education, and orientation in their home countries. The 2023 Asia Virtual Mock CLE Evidence Exclusionary Hearing helps train future CLE program leaders to promote the fair trial, rule of law, and access to justice in their regions. Legal ethics issues that individuals face are becoming increasingly important in legal practice. It is essential to train potential law practitioners to understand and effectively address the complexities of social justice agendas.

It is essential to understand the rule of law, within a functional level of legal skills, in a legal setting in order to address access-to-justice and public interest issues that globally affect people. Empowering law participants, within a CLE framework, makes them more effective and ethically responsible, as they broaden their knowledge and networks, in order to address the access-to-justice issues and needs of their communities.

In order to qualify for selection, a participant must:

Be actively involved and committed to their university clinical legal education (CLE) programs or to programs at their university supporting pro bono and/or access to justice;

• Have a solid knowledge of the English language (Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading), because the training will be conducted in English;

• Have access to a computer or laptop, with a strong internet connection, because the training will be conducted virtually via Zoom app. (Students should not share a computer or laptop because it can be challenging for student selection and evaluation for the regional workshop and event.);

• Be currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Law program.

Training Platform

The training will be conducted virtually via Zoom.

Training Support

Training, in the past, has been provided by: BABSEACLE; Herbert Smith Freehills; DLA Piper/New Perimeter, White & Case; UNDP, many individual lawyers, national law firms, university law teachers, and legally-experienced persons from the global legal community. Additional training support is encouraged and very welcome, and the coordinated assistance of our university partners is available.