Reg Dury



Reg Dury, from Australia, Interned in Myanmar July, 2016

“Going overseas is always an amazing experience, but doing pro-bono work gave everything an intense reality and sense of purpose which turned my little adventure in Myanmar, into an incredible learning experience of a lifetime. I went there to teach social justice, but I learnt as much as they did, if not more. The sharing of ideas, of culture and of smiles gave all involved an opportunity to better our hearts and build bridges of friendships and mutual goals of justice, peace and yes, love.

I could not recommend this experience enough. If you go there with an open mind and work from the heart, it is difficult to go wrong, especially since the local people will return the gift tenfold. I fell in love with Myanmar and its people. Its culture and its history. The idea that I may have participated in the enormously important work of BABSEACLE, and perhaps made a tiny little bit of a positive contribution is infinitely rewarding.

Yes, there is little technology, little comfort and most unusual sights and experiences. That’s wonderful and beautiful.  Yes, the country has issues. That’s why we go there to give our pro-bono time.  But most of all, Myanmar is unapologetic. It is as wild and amazing as it should be. What it gave me in the end is hope. And I am very humbled by it.”