Rebecca McDonough



Rebecca McDonough, From Australia, Interned in January 2016 in Myanmar

“In January of this year, I joined 9 other QUT students in Myanmar for a three-week program with BABSEACLE. After a week of training in Yangon, I spent the rest of the program at Mawlamyine University. The aim of this program is simple; interns are supposed to teach Clinical Legal English from a manual. In practice, teaching new and complex concepts, in a foreign language, with few resources is very difficult. My experience was challenging, exhausting, eye opening and oodles of fun.

My main piece of advice to future externs: be flexible, go all in and be humble. Remember that you have a unique opportunity to experience life in Myanmar, work with a non-profit organisation and develop really rare skills. You will have to write and re-design lesson plans on a tight deadline and be ready to present them to a class of 40 students. You will have to learn about your team members, play to their strengths and figure out how to divide a large workload. You will have to analyse and deconstruct legal concepts and communicate them through a game or a song.

It’s easy to get caught up in particulars when you are doing this, but try to remember the bigger picture and appreciate the opportunity as you’re living it.”