Juthamart Auychai


Juthamart Auychai (Aom), Thailand, August – Mid November

BABSEACLE foundation is like a big family; everyone shares their knowledge, kindness and welcome warm arms to us all the time. Over the past three months, we have been interns at BABSEACLE, we learnt about Clinic Legal Education systems that help the needy people. We learnt how to plan workshops and conferences and all the important preparation that needs to take place to make the event successful. We developed our English communication skills, daily we had to speak and write English to communicate with other teams and partners. This increased our confidence and this allowed us to speak more easily in English during events such as theStrategic Planning”. This weekend was a workshop where our whole BABSEACLE team from cross the region came together to plan for the future and also have fun and get to know each other more. We had the opportunities to develop ourselves and meet people from several counties and  we were happy to  work with everyone in the activities. Entering BABSEACLE as intern is a great opportunity where you can get a lot of experience from many people and have freely to give opinion with colleagues. All of this is the value time that everyone gives to us and you can find it at BABSEACLE.”